10 best fishing lakes in Kent (Our 2020 selection)

Best fishing lakes in Kent

In case you’re an adventurous angler that is always on the lookout for some eccentric location to fish in Kent then your search ends today. We have shortlisted ten fishing lakes in Kent that are bound to impress you with there services, peaceful views and available fish species. Cackle Hill Lakes Located on Headcorn road … Read more

12 Best Lakes for Carp Fishing in France

If you have decided to indulge in some carp fishing in some of the most exotic lakes in France then we have got the right list for you. Not only have we listed the ideal lakes that you can hit in France we have also done thorough research regarding all the vital information you might … Read more

The Best Fishing Lakes in the UK (Our Top 11)

Fishing is an incredible recreational outdoor exercise. In the world of fishing, there are enough rivers and lakes to go around for everyone! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced angler, you still got a chance. All you need is some good fishing equipment, a brilliant strategy, and some helpful techniques. Here, we will … Read more

Pike Fishing 101 (Basics, Lures, and Tactics)

Pike fishing

Pikes are one of the easiest and most entertaining fish to catch with your spinning rod. Let us introduce to you the 101 of the pike fishing and the vital knowledge of the pike lures. How, when, where to catch this mighty predator? Biology and Behavior of Pike Pike are long-bodied predatory freshwater fish with … Read more